Exposition of Kelme Estate and the history of the Gruzevskiai family.
The information about the ensemble of Kelme Estate is provided; the photographs, objects, and furniture of the past owners of the Estate are exhibited.

Exposition of the history of Kelme district: archaeology, interwar period, the history of Kelme Catholic Church, period of World War II, exile, resistance, rebirth period.

Exposition of folk-art and mode of life

Exposition dedicated to public man, the creator of the organization of Lithuanian riflemen Vl. Pūtvys -Putvinskis

Ethnographical exposition of the translator Jonas Vadeikis – writer Karl May – the Native Americans
The information about Jonas Vadeikis, the first translator who translated the novels about the Indians into the Lithuanian language, is provided. The visitors may get acquainted with the life and creation of the writer Karl May. The most interesting part of the exhibition – the exhibits of Indian culture and their mode of life.

In the building of Manor gates the visitors may see the premises of the former serfdom prison and the equipment of corporal punishment.

The exhibitions are constantly held in the three halls of the museum.